Salvation: the true story of Rod Braybon's fight for justice

Keep a look out for Salvation which is due for release in late-June, early July.
I am very excited about this story because it is so moving. Early feed-back has been very positive.


child abuse.

I have only just tonight come across articles about the salvation army boys home in Bayswater. I was shocked to learn about the abuse at the boys home in Bayswater. Myself and my brother were wards of state there in the early 70's. I did encounter the stern discipline but was not myself sexually abused. I spoke to one boy long after we got out who advised me that his brother had committed suicide as a result of being sexually abused by one of the staff members at the home. I am pleased that Rod has written his story as it will help many others come to terms with their abuse.

Rod Braybon

Hi Vikky,
Thank you for writing the story of dear Rod. What a tragic & horrific live he has lived.
I feel like printing many of the pages of your book "Salvation" & sending it to the head office of the Salvation Army. Wonder what they would think of the terrible things done to Rod & many many other boys who were supposedly in their care.


I was raised in an Orphanage

I was raised in an Orphanage in the late sixties early seventies, i am 50 now but suffer depression and relive my childhood in my head every day but my story is nowhere near as hellish and inhumane as Rods and all the other people who passed through those cruel institutions. It broke my heart to read the book, l have given the book to my sister and when she has finished l will give it to my brother to read. Our hell has nothing on Rods. I just want to hold him and tell him that he is a wonderful man, he is helping so many people. Please give him my love Sue xxxx

Thankyou Vikki

Oh Vikki thank you for sharing Rod's story ..i just finished reading it.
As a mother of 2 boys my heart cries for Rod and his brothers.
I wish we could turn back time and that little boy on the cover would be taken into my home and loved.
And for the man Rod has become..i wish i could wipe away his memories and fill his heart with peace,i do hope these men have found some sort of peace,and let go of the anger not for the perpetrators but for themselves.My X husband was abused at he hands of a catholic priest,not till he was 40 did he address the abuse.Compensation should be in the millions for these men and women,not for the money but for ongoing medical and psychological treatment.
Dear Rod Mick,Barry and the rest of the Braybons may peace joy and happiness rein in your hearts.

My Dad was brought up in the

My Dad was brought up in the Bayswater home in the 50's with Rod. The horrific stories that have been personally told to me are like that of a nightmare. Im so glad that this story has been bought forward to make the public see how Evil this organisation really is. Its about time that we all get behind this fight and bring these people to justice.

re- salvation

dear vicky Thankyou for writing a honest truthful book it brought back some memories for me, as I was in box hill salvation army boys home and I wont forget what happend to me, I've read the book while reading it I had to put it down a couple of times and wipe the tears from my eyes ,as the pain came back of what happen to me and others ,at the hands of so called minders and now I'm trying to get a couple of pollies that I know in my area of Healesville to get off there backsides and call a full public inquiry into these orphanages , again a big thankyou for writing a truthful book.. from Max Murray


Hi Max,

I am so pleased that my book meant something to you. Rod and I always knew that in the telling of his story, we were also telling the stories of thousands of other people affected by the things that he went through.

Good luck with getting a public enquiry. I think that the public needs to know the truth about what went on in places like Box Hill and Bayswater. It's time for the truth.