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Bayside Literary Festival

Comic Debate!


On Wednesday 26 May at 7.30pm, I will be appearing in a comic debate 'Crime Doesn't Pay'. It should be a great night. Adjudicated by Jane Clifton, I will be debating with Assistant Commissioner Sandra Nicholson against Lindy Cameron and Angela Savage.


Where: Brighton Savoy Hotel
150 The Esplanade, Brighton
Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Cost: $15




Crime and Justice Festival

This Saturday 18 July, I will be appearing in a debate at the Crime and Justice Festival at the Abbortsford Convent.
I am debating the kind of confusing topic: Who, amongst other things, is better at finding Colonel Mustard in the library with the lead pipe? I will be on the side of the girls, naturally. My partner in debating is Sue Turnbull and we are up against Robert Gott and my new favourite crime author (since I read his latest book) Stuart MacBride who is very funny. I've read Stuart's blog at

The Lost Boys

Today Tonight aired a story about children vanishing in state care that will hopefully encourage others with similar stories to come forward.
When Rod Braybon was a resident in the notorious Bayswater Boys' Home run by the Salvation Army, he saw many children bashed with whatever weapons the brutal Salvation Army officers had at hand.
Rod himself was bashed with a tomato stake - so badly he could hardly walk, by the head of the camp, a Captain Francis. He was then thrown into an isolated cell at another location for 48 hours with little more than a blanket on a hard wooden floor, and bread and water. He was checked on three times during his confinement. He was 12 years old at the time.
While Rod was returned to the camp with his bruises a couple of days later, other boys weren't so lucky. Over his three years with the Salvation Army, Rod saw children beaten senseless and carried off by officers never to be seen again.
I've heard that these stories are common. There were no checks by the governments of the day to see if the children they put in the care of organisations including the Salvation Army were safe, and there were no effective ways to account for the children in their care.
I would like to see a full government audit of all of the children who went into institutions like the Bayswater Boys' Home to see how many never came out.

Salvation launch

The launch of Salvation is being combined with a reunion of ex-state wards. All are welcome!
Country Club Villages
1390 Pascoe Vale Road
Coolaroo, 3048
Saturday 4 July, 2009
At 12 midday
Keep an eye on the CLAN website for up-to-date news on issues of ex-state wards.

Salvation: the true story of Rod Braybon's fight for justice

Keep a look out for Salvation which is due for release in late-June, early July.
I am very excited about this story because it is so moving. Early feed-back has been very positive.

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